December 02, 2014

Newsletter - Dec 02, 2014


Hi friends,

Congratulations! We did it! Not only was our Kickstarter campaign a smashing success, it enabled us to get seven amazing Markhor Ambassadors on board. Can’t wait to tell you more about these awesome folks! 

As we live through our dream of building Markhor into something bigger, it is important that every member of the community is kept in the loop. There has been a lot going on at our end. Sidra and I have been going through the order lists and your 'Shoe Survey Forms' to re-check your sizes one last time so that perfect pairs of shoe lasts can be made for your shoes. (Just a quick reminder: if you backed us on Kickstarter and still haven't submitted the form, please do so ASAP). Although, our Kickstarter campaign has ended we are still taking orders now through Dec 12  for our first Markhor shoe collection on our website. The shoes are a good 20% down from the original prices and will be shipped with the Kickstarter orders by April 2015.  We’re in the process of ordering the best quality leather for your shoes.

What else have we been up to? You guessed it right! We’ve started reading from the list of books that were suggested to us by our Kickstarter backers. Right now, the book 'The Hard Thing About Hard Things' has been doing rounds within the team. The book was recommended by the members, Syed Balkhi and Bilal Zuberi. Thank you, both!  We've been learning a great deal about start-up management and overcoming work obstacles from this book. The team is brimming with excitement and looking forward to reading all the books on the list. The aim is to read one book a fortnight. 

I recently came across an interesting story about someone I met in the States during a business conference and decided to share it with the team. I had found Jess Lee to be one of the most inspiring speakers in the conference so when I chanced upon an article about her, I made sure to give it a read. Before reading this article, I wasn’t aware  that Ms. Lee was a die-hard Polyvore user prior joining the company and eventually becoming its CEO. Now I want to share this extraordinary story with you.

Happy Reading! Please do share something that you come across on the web and feel that the Markhor team should give a read. Aid us in learning something that will help us grow and teach us meaningful lessons. We are ever so grateful for your continuous support. Do keep in touch. The team and I love hearing from you.