Kaptaan Chappal $169

Kaptaan Chappal

Traditional Peshawari Chappal, only better

Kaptaan Chappal

Peshawari Chappal is part of sub-continent's traditional wardrobe. So we didn't do anything different. We just made it better.


The remarkable of the original design was the comfort that came with the iconic shape. Overtime everyone made a copy of the form and forgot the function. Kaptaan Chappal takes the original concept back to its roots.

It’s amazing what naked hands can do.

  • Handmade Shoemaking
  • Leather Craftsmanship

Attention To Every Detail

Men's Chappals
Kaptaan Chappal Testmonial

Believe me when I tell you, I've never worn a more brilliantly designed shoe/chappal.

Mir Anwar

Men's Chappal
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