Solemn Derbies $229

Solemn Derbies

Incredibly Simple. Beautiful.

  • Tan Solemn Derby
  • Black Solemn Derby

Solemn Derbies are not only effortlessly dappered they are also easy to wear, thanks to their wide lace up opening that allows your feet to slip in easily. This is why we believe they are more utilitarian than an oxford.


Solemn Derbies have a greater vamp area which requires only the best portion of the leather to look and last good. The entire pattern cutting process is done by hand because of the level of precision required to do it well. The two patterns are then hand stitched to each other before attaching them to the sole. We use Blake Stitch to attach the upper with sole. It allows us to gain the longer durability and at the same time helps to keep the shoe lightweight.

  • Leather Craftsmanship
  • Craftsmanship

Attention To Every Detail

Solemn Derbies are incredibly simple. They have very clear line patterns with absolutely no feeling of noise. Even the brass eyelets are only visible from the inside. The upper patterns are designed in a way that stitching thread seems a design element and yet it keeps the patterns strongly hooked with each other. At the back we have ribbon Mark subtly stitched on the leather. It’s an essential part of our design language and yet not overly done to avoid any noisy affect.

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  • Mark Loafer Image
  • Mark Loafer Image 2
  • Mark Loafer Image
  • Mark Loafer Image 2
  • Mark Loafer Image
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Switch up your laces

With every Solemn pair, you get two additional Cotton Waxed Laces in green and blue.

Colored Laces
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“Just got my Derbies yesterday and boy do I love them! They fit perfect and they look beautiful. Even better is that they are exactly what I wanted. I truly will adore them till I can no longer wear them. Now off to get them tapped. Thanks for everything.”

—Jase Lawson
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