Preserving An Enduring Human Impulse


The impulse to do things in the best possible way — for the sake of doing it. At Markhor we have a name for this impulse and that is ‘Craftsmanship’. It’s at the heart of everything we do. Making shoes happens to be just one big part of it.

We combine indigenous craftsmanship with immaculate attention to details. Every Markhor shoe speaks volumes about the people making it. And what making that shoe means to them.

The Backstory

The company originated when founders Sidra Qasim and Waqas Ali met with a group of craftsmen in the local village council of their hometown of Okara. Everything in that workshop was literally being handcrafted. The duo learned that some of the most well known luxury brands work with craftsmen in developing countries like Pakistan, India and Vietnam but rarely talk about them. To change this they started working on the idea of Markhor.

The brand is named after endangered breed of wild goat Markhor (Capra falconeri), that is natively found in northern and central mountainous regions of Pakistan and Central Asia.

Markhor shoes are handcrafted in the old cities of Lahore and Okara with an obsessive attention to every single detail. Some of the shoemaking techniques are as old as 1800 years. Just like the original designs Markhor develops its own line of lasts to achieve the highest level of fit. The craftsmen keep check of all things that one can and can not see. By being one of the few shoemakers that still uses a hand-lasting process, each Markhor shoe is unique in its style, level of craftsmanship and detailing.